What is a terracotta panel:

The terracotta panel is made of natural pure terracotta after fine processing, extrusion into shape and drying with special equipment, kilning under high temperature. It is a kind of panel with substantial hardness, strength and surface fineness.

Terracotta is a new kind of building material in the history of architecture. It is a kind of primitive natural material integrated with traditional Chinese culture of thousands of years, representing modern fashionable design while keeping traditional styles simultaneously. It is a new language of architecture. Replacing conventional materials with modern ones is indeed a progress of human civilization. There are many successful instances which express the history using modern language while inheriting traditional culture. Therefore, architects are more willing to demonstrate modern things using conventional materials in the hope of indicating the origin of his buildings. In the application of modern building materials, they no longer pursue fashions in a biased way, but more respect the locality and the source of traditional culture. the momentum of the former single pursuit of modernity and technical contents has been transformed into pursuits of humanistic and artistic aura, environment friendliness, energy conservation and noise reduction. As the terracotta panel has advantages in this aspects, catering to the mainstream trend of human orientation and making itself an ideal panel for curtain wall. It has won the favor and interests of various circles such as architects, developers, designers and curtain wall companies etc. It witnesses rapid development home and abroad in recent years where lies the real reason of the fast development of terracotta panel curtain wall.