Terracotta Panel Technical data:


Open Systems, heat & sound insulation 
Terracotta panel adopt open systems dry-hanging installation help to protect architectural main structure erosion from inclement weather and air pollution, to prevent the wall cladding producing sediment, keeping curtain wall beautiful. At the same time this installation way can effectively reduce the heat transfer coefficient, effectively improve the acoustic behavior of building walls. The whole system can be heat insulation, sound insulation, ventilation, humidity insulation effect, also can effectively improve the indoor temperatures in summer, eliminating the thermal bridge effect and save energy consumption.

Waterproof & anti-collision design, Anti-pressure & seismic
Install principle carries on spliced design according to principles of equal pressure rain-screen. It uses a special design of EPDM tape between the sub-sutural of the two interfaces. This way can effectively reduce the intrusion of rain, prevent terracotta panel from lateral displacement, and prevent collisions between adjacent terracotta panels. At the same time, after improvement terracotta panel system improves the terracotta panel wall press resistance, earthquake protection up to 10 degrees or more, particularly suitable for buildings which require resisting wind pressure and seismic.

Add installation gasket, single piece can be replaced 
Between terracotta and clamp parts, clamp and rail are separated by flexible insulating gasket, to improve the anti-seismic of the system, to avoid the solution of electrolytic corrosion among the different metal material, and can also eliminate the noise and distortion. And broken terracotta panel can be physical damage without dismount the installed terracotta panel, single piece can be replaced easily.

Sophisticated workmanship, back ventilation
The processing of terracotta panel uses advanced technology control, surface flat and dimensional stabilization, can meet the maximum design needs of wall closed edge and closed ends. No matter the screen or corners or other parts of, it can maintain the vertical of curtain wall facades coherent, natural and beautiful. Meanwhile, humidity of building can be taken away by flowing air behind the wall space to avoid producing condensation water and keep the exterior walls dry.


Technical parameters:

Inspection Items:
Tchnical Parameter
Reference Standards
Water Absorption Rate
3≤average value≤8%
JC/T 1080-2008
Dry Weight
Freezing Resistance
No Crack or Flake after 100 times test in -30℃~30℃
JC/T 1080-2008
Breakage Strength
JC/T 1080-2008
Rupture Modulus
JC/T 1080-2008
Poisson Ratio
Modulus of Elasticity
Fire Resisting Property
A Degree
JC/T 1080-2008
Low Concentration  Acid and Alkali Resistance
UA Degree
High Concentration Acid and Alkali Resistance
ULA Degree
AI Degree
Seismic Behavior
GB/T18575, GB5011
Wind Load
Positive Pressure: 5.0KPa
Negative Pressure: 5.0KPa
Sound Proof
Reduce Noise more than 9db
Thermal Shock Resistance
No crack or explode after 10 times test
JC/T 1080-2008
Bending Strength
Coefficient of Heat Conductivity
JC/T 1080-2008
Surface Quality
No Flaw when see from 1 meter away
JC/T 1080-2008
Plane Deformation
Fifth Degree
Hanging Strength
average value≥1.34KN
Stain Resistance
3 Degree
Linear Thermal Expansion