Instruction for Installation of Terracotta Panel:

1. Installation of pre-embedded piece:

The pre-embedded piece should be set during the construction, and to be proofreaded before the construction work of curtain wall. The deviation of the hight between two per-embedded pieces should be within 10mm and the deviation between the pre-embedded piece and the designed position should be within 20mm. If there is a big deviation or omit of the pre-embedded piece, post-installed piece can be installed according to the actual need.

2. Measurement and line-laying:

A. There is high precision requested for the construction of curtain wall, but not for the construction engineering, so the horizontal reference line of construction engineering is not reliable. The reference axis and bench mark should be double measured and checked.
B. The position line and frame node map are to be based on the bottom layer.
C. The frame lines of the column are defined by a theodolite, and a steel wire fixed on the steel bracket, which can be used as the symbolic control line, and the central line of each column is set.
D.  The frame line map can be defined by a level gauge and steel tape measure.
E.  Do pay attention to the deviation when making frame map measure.
F.  Pay attention to the wind infection when making frame node measure.
G.  The control line should be proofread regularly to ensure the vertically of curtain wall and the correct position of column.
H.  The reference line should be set for all external facade decoration engineering. The coordination for the construction should be noted.

3. Installation of column framework:

A. The setting out position can be checked according to the drawing of construction layout.
B.  Pre-install of embedded part for fixing column.
C.  The column on each side should be installed first and the intermediate column should be followed after drawing the line.
D. Each reference line can be drawn to the column and proofread by level gauge.
E.  The crossbeams can be installed according to the designed dimension. The crossbeams should be vertical to the vertical column.
F. If welding is occurred, the finished work or near the welded position should be protected. Balanced welding should be adopted in order to reduce the deformation caused by the welding. All welding slag and rust points need to be clean after welding, and be polished by high-zinc and anti-corrosive paint.
G. The concealed work should be checked by a supervision company after the completion of the installation of column framework and before the next procedure.

4. Installation of terracotta panel:

A. Check the terracotta panels transported to the construction site on quality and quantity.
B.  The bottom layer should be installed first according to reference line.
C.  The elevation of the aluminum-alloy accessories should be arranged properly. The tile holders and crossbeams should be connected reliable. The levelness and verticality of the panel should be adjusted and the seam should be neat.
D.  The holder and the terracotta panel should be separated with a flexible washer or flexible card to ensure the flexible connection between the panel and the connecting piece.
E. For installing the terracotta panel at the door, windows or curtain wall opening, the edges of the terracotta panel around the opening should be installed first to avoid incorrect installation.
F. When the terracotta panel is installed to the level of each layer, the vertical and horizontal deviation should be adjusted.
G. Safety protection is needed during the transportation.

5. Cleaning and protection:

A. After the construction, the protective paper on the surface of the terracotta panel should be removed and the surface should be cleaned with water or detergent twice.
B. The wiping movement should be steady making sure the moisture of surface is even.
C. Cleaned curtain wall should be naturally dried for 2 or 3 days. The overall appearance of the surface should be observed after the water absorption of the surface reaches the balance.


Terracotta has 2 different mounting methods for the 18mm thick tiles, and 1 mounting method for the 30mm thick tiles:

Main Steps for Installation with short hanging arms (for thickness: 18mm Terracotta Panel):

1. Setout Drawing                       2. Mark before install                3. Drill holes to fix bolt

                                                            embeded part

4. Insert embeded part              5. Install Column                  6. Install short hanging arms

7. Install terracotta panels      8. Insert rubber strips              9. Finish


Main Steps for Installation with Crossbeam (for thickness: 18mm Terracotta Panel):

1.Measurement & Line Laying
Mark the horizontal and vertical lines in the external frame for columns by using a theodolite or a level 
2. Columns Installation
Secure columns on the main structure with alum or steel brackets and stainless steel screw, adjust the verticality of the supporting columns 
3. Crossbeams Installation 
Secure crossbeams on columns with stainless steel bolts or screws, adjust the verticality and horizontality of the crossbeams.
4. Terracotta Panels Installation
(1)Apply the rubber strip on columns or crossbeams
(2)Install terracotta panels and holders, fix the verticality and horizontality of the terracotta panels by adjusting holders
(3)Mount panels from bottom to finish the installation
5. Sealant Application
There is no need to apply sealant for open system, while it is necessary to apply sealants in the vertical and horizontal joint of terracotta panels for closed system.
6. Curtain Wall Cleanup 
Cleanse the installed terracotta panels with water


Installation Steps: (for thickness: 30mm Terracotta Panel):

1. Install and fix movable brackets by plugs - aligned to axis 

2. Fix insulation 

3. Align Columns (correct height and level)

4. Install Column into pre-punched brackets

5. Insert terracotta panel support part on bottom, and fixed by stainless steel nails into pre-punched holes

6. Put the first terracotta panel on bottom support parts

7. Press Terracotta Panel into rubber strip and fixed into next holders 

8. The top line terracotta panels fixed by top holders

9. The top line terracotta panels completely fixed by top holders

10. Partly completely wall – the horizontal joints are determined by columns

11. Lift one piece of terracotta panel within a completed façade wall 

12. Terracotta panels can be replaced easily