Terracotta Panel Features:

  1. Never Fade: The terracotta panel made up from high quality natural pure argil, via vacuum high pressure extrusion molding, burn out from high temperature. With low consumption and no radiation, light pollution, never fade and can effectively resist ultraviolet radiation, durable, 100% of the repeatable recycling. It’s environmental protection material choice. 
  2. Waterproof & Insulation Sound Noise: The terracotta panel cavity design greatly reduces the materials self weight, reduce building façade structure system load, meanwhile, after high temperature firing, can effectively reduce the heat transfer coefficient, make ceramic plate with greater intensity, makes its enhanced against the bad weather, the waterproof is admirable. 
  3. Anti Fire &Freeze: Advanced technology and equipment, precise cutting, strict calibrated to ensure the product quality and size stability. The terracotta panel has good security anti fire characteristics, anti acid and alkali corrosion resistant, anti scratch and abrasion. Even face supernormal low or high temperatures, it could keep stable.
  4. Rain Self-cleaning: Clay materials content metal very low, do not produce electrostatic, not easy to absorb dust, dirt not easy deposition, via wind and rain could self cleaning. 
  5. Simple Natural: The terracotta panel colors is rich, covers the modern architecture mainstream color design requirements. Natural texture and external clay color collect architectures rich artistic style.
  6. Diversity Styles and Sizes: A variety styles and sizes for your chosen, its complete sizes through different product combination and cutting to meet designer’s style requirement.