The Stones:

Granite,marble,limestone and onyx are all suitable for the use on the AHSP system. Slabs may be purchased from any quarry, in any country and shipped to the factory to be mounted onto the AHSP system. Some stones are not well suited to exterior applications and should be tested for freeze thaw stability as well as fading or deterioration.

The Finishes:

Stones are mounted onto the AHSP system finished in the same manner as a slab of dimensional stone. Polished, honed and sandblasted finishes are the most common.

The Stone Sizes:

Stone thickness is 6mm. The total panel thickness is 25mm. The panels with the mounting brackets are 60mm. The panel size is often dictated by the available sizes of stone, however can go as large as "1.5x3.5 mtrs (60x140)".


 Below are some of the more popular stones




             Marble Grey Wood Grain                                   Mocha Cream                                     

        Gascogne beige                                              Saint Pierre Linear                          

                       Alabama                                              Cascapedia 

                     Missisquoi Bigare                                 Missisquoi Grey


             Hope Bay                             Tamara                           Strata 

       Algonquin Vein cut                 Mosa Vein Cut                   Mosa Fleuri cut

        Algonguin Flury Cut     Algonguin Fleuri Sandblasted  Algonquin Fleuri honed          


         Autumn Brown                           Polychrome                     Prairie Green 

           Canadian Red                    Cambrian Black                      Kodiak Brown


         Newton Brown                        Nordic Black                     San Sebastian







                Taekwood                             St Bees                         Crossland Hills