Installation is faster, less expensive & less invasive on site 

  • Joint sizes are typically between 6-12mm.
  • A crew of 3 trained people can install 300-600 sf per day (new crews and problematic projects might   be as low as 200 sf/day/crew)
  • Trades may include masons, carpenters or ACM installers
  • Faster installation time
  • Less invasive on site and requires less equipment
  • Panels are installed from the bottom up & can be removeable 



Common back-ups for the system are steel stud, furring and masonry.

The assembly could consist of steel stud framing, exterior grade sheathing to the framing, water/air barrier, vertical aluminum z-sections attached through the water/air barrier and sheathing to the framing, then the AHPP horizontal interlocking channel extrusions anchored to the panels. Insulation is frequently located in between the Z sections.  Details are available upon request.

Retrofits, system may be installed directly over existing finish